Episode 59: Lesser Known Jazz Standards Part 1

Some of these ‘standards’ are written by jazz artists.   Others are from popular music written by film and Broadway composers.

I’m finding them as I go through The Just Real Jazz Book and the infamous “The Real Book 6th edition”.  These are also called ‘fake books’ as they have only the chords and the melody.   As I go through these books from A to Z (I’m only to letter “B”), I listen to a few of them that aren’t so familiar to me.   And I’m playing them on this program, even including a couple different versions of some of them.

On this episode you’ll hear Airegin, Alice in Wonderland, Bernie’s Tune, Black Nile, Au Privave, and Nica’s Dream.   t

The last one I’m playing as a salute to the amazing Canadian guitarist who left this earth February 28—Ed Bickert.





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