Episode 58: More Cuban Jazz–Jane Bunnett & Maqueque

This is the last episode of the Cuban Jazz series.  And I’ve decided to feature a Juno award winning Cuban-Canadian group of women.

I play music from both their albums, as well as spotlight some of the individual musicians in the group—including Yissy Garcia, Melvis Santa, Danae Alano, and, of course, Jane Bunnett herself.   I also talk about former group member, Dayme Arocena, who has become an international star on her own.

Jane Bunnett and Maqueque are on a world tour as we speak—and Peterborough, Ontario, is the ‘last leg’ of it.  So the group should be really hot when they play at International Jazz Day, April 28.  They’ll have already played several dates in Germany, as well as Austria, Switzerland, and Massachusetts.

Addendum:  Two new members to the group.  On bass and vocals is Tailin Marrero.   And a spectacular new lead singer (originally from Zimbabwe) is Joanna Majoko, replacing Melvis Santa,   You can hear Joanna on Episode 66.

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