Episode 53, The Jazz Solo, Part 2

In this episode you’ll hear more of the solos that jazz musicians and writers say are ‘essential solos’.

You’ll also hear words and phrases like ‘architectonics’, ‘vertiginous’, ‘eking’, ‘narrative structure’, ‘directional energy’, ‘wrong side of the beat’.  I don’t know what most of them mean, either, but real jazz aficionados seem to.

You’ll hear

-John Coltrane playing his greatest masterpiece.

-Guido Basso playing a lovely fluegelhorn solo with Rob McConnell’s Boss Brass.

-Cannonball Adderley’s solo on Miles (aka Milestones), and some differing opinions on it.

-Charlie Christian’s solo on Swing to Bop

-Clifford Brown and Sarah Vaughan together.

-Ornette Coleman

-McCoy Tyner

-Larry Young, featuring an Elvin Jones drum solo.



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