Episode 52, The Jazz Solo (Part 1)

The ‘improvised’ solo is the heart of jazz.

This series of programs looks at what have been termed ‘essential solos’, using an article from Jazz Times magazine, where jazz writers and musicians described the solos that have been their favourites over the years.  These are solos that they have been playing or humming to themselves over the years.

And since these solos don’t exist in a void, I play all or most of the whole piece, but talk about why this solo resonates with so many jazz aficionados and players.

I start the program with the solo that received more ‘votes’ from jazz scholars and players than any other, and is analyzed and taught in jazz schools throughout the world.  Without listening to the program—any guesses?

You’ll hear tracks by John Coltrane, Ahmad Jamal (w. bassist Israel Crosby), Oliver Nelson, Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, and Sonny Rollins & Coleman Hawkins.  The last one has an ‘essential’ solo by Canadian Paul Bley.   Thanks to Peterborough bassist Dan Fortin for pointing out that one.

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