Episode 44, Records from the Trent Radio Library

I had another pre-recorded program I  was going to air on my October 22 Trent Radio program—and then I discovered that it didn’t all record onto my flashdrive.  So I had to run into the Trent Radio record library and quickly find some records to avoid several minutes of dead air.

Here are some of the records I found.  Some delightful discoveries!

The two biggest surprises were both Canadian artists.   Did you ever hear of a singer named Ivy Steel?   Apparently she was born in Peterborough, and did one gig with the great saxophonist Buddy Tate in Toronto.  This is her only album, from around 1980, called Reincarnation.  And does she ever sound like Billie Holiday!  I guess that’s why its called ‘reincarnation’.

The other surprise is by a pianist named Steve Holt.  This is his debut album from 1983, nominated for a Juno award.  Today you can hear him at his natural food store in Warkworth, Ontario—-where he brings in special guests and every second Friday puts on an amazing jazz concert.

Other albums I pulled out and played a track from are by Hubert Laws, Billy Cobham, Milt Jackson, and a supergroup of David Friesen, Paul Horn, Chick Corea, Airto, and Paul Motian.

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