Episode 45, Jazz, Improvisation, and Saying “Yes”.

The focus on today’s episode is the relationship between improvisation and spontaneity in life.  It all involves a willingness to say *yes*.   I start with a statement from Vancouver jazz writer, drummer, and choral director, Brian Tate, where he compares it to Theatre Sports.

And also feature interviews with Paul L. Clark and James Seaborn,  two members of a Peterborough group called The Smirky Waters Band.   They talk about how saying ‘yes’ has assisted them in their collaboration.  I feature three examples of that collaboration from a release called The Secret Woodpile Sessions.

Other music you’ll hear:  two Tony Bennett recordings 59 years apart;   a pianist (Harold Lopez-Nussa)  from an amazing Cuban jazz family;  Geof Bradfield and nine improvisers from and album called “Yes and”;  an alto saxophonist/composer who was inspired by rhythms of her father’s heart condition.  And last, but not least, you’ll hear some “Real Sick Sounds”—-which, to my ears, actually sound pretty healthy.



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