Episode 31, Tribute to Bob Dorough

Songwriter, pianist, and singer, Bob Dorough, died April 23, 2018 at age 94.  He had become one of my favourite jazz artists, leaving a legacy of great tunes and great records.  He was the musical presence and songwriter for Schoolhouse Rock,  doing such seditious acts as setting the multiplication table to music.   This series of short children’s cartoon entertained and instructed ‘unsuspecting children’ from 1973-85, then for another 5 years in the 90’s.

He was also one of the only vocalists to have ever recorded with Miles Davis.

The program starts with one of the most ‘zen’ love songs ever written in jazz.  I’ve Got Just About Everything.  Its about seeking a relationship but letting go of attachment and craving.

And the program ends with him singing and playing, with brilliant bassist, Bill Takas a Duke Ellington, Harry James, and Johnny Hodges standard.

And in-between?  You’ll hear a lot of Bob Dorough’s voice and piano—but also some Miles Davis, Mel Torme, Diana Krall, Spanky and Our Gang, Chad Mitchell, and Marlena Shaw.  I’ll also talk about the ‘steps’ that were taken in my own discovery of the brilliance of this amazing artist.

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