Episode 32, All About Downbeat Magazine Part 1

Anybody who takes a major interest in jazz is probably familiar with Downbeat Magazine.  I talk a little bit about its early days, then focus on the May, 2018 edition.  I play some of the music referred to in this issue—at least the records that sound interesting to me.  All part of the ‘discovery’ of jazz.

Who will you hear in today’s episode?  It ranges from Duke Ellington to Canadian percussionist, Nick Fraser.

I also feature a piece of music played in one of the famous “Blindfold Tests”—–a part of Downbeat that I always associate with the late jazz critic, Leonard Feather.  I talk about the time that I gave Leonard Feather a blindfold test.  And one of the recordings that stumped him.

Other musical highlights?  Saxophonist Tia Fuller, Cuban pianist Manuel Valera, Oscar Peterson with Singers Unlimited, and the Roberta Piket West Coast Trio.

Taking us seemingly away from jazz—but not really–are Karen Souza singing Every Breath You Take, Kurt Elling singing Paul Simon, and Charles Lloyd with vocalist Lucinda Williams interpreting Bob Dylan.

Don’t miss this action packed program.

As I finish reading the magazine, I’ll have more! Part 2 in a couple weeks.