Episode 29, International Jazz Day Peterborough-A Travel Guide

This is a ‘travel guide’ to Peterborough’s International Jazz Day weekend, April 28-29.   Even if you’re not from Peterborough and know you won’t be there that weekend—no problem.  Listen to this program anyway.  You’ll hear some great music by great artists.

I take you first to one restaurant (Brio Gusto) where you can hear pianist Pete Woolidge and guitarist/composer Federico Pontani and enjoy an appetizer.  I play a tune by the Sean Hully Jazz Group featuring (and written by) Federico called, ironically, Summer is Back.   Then I take you to La Hacienda to hear Canada’s most famous bassist, Dave Young playing with piano master Steve Holt–and eat some great Mexican food.  And I play a beautiful composition by Steve Holt (with trumpeter Kevin Turcotte) and follow it with Bass Blues by Dave Young and Oliver Jones.   For dessert go to Curry Village and have an Indian sweet and hear Donna Collison and another amazing pianist, Biff Hannon.   I play a Sonny Rollins composition with the Maynard Ferguson band featuring a terrific piano solo by Biff Hannon.

From 6:30 to 9:30 is Carrie Chesnutt playing and singing with Mike Graham and the legendary Dennis Pendrith.  I play some excerpts from Carrie.  As well as Mike Graham and the Funksters.

Then we move to Sunday.  There will be a jazz combo workshop at Market Hall—free to participants and audience.

Make sure you have tickets for the feature performance Sunday night—-and get there early at 6:30 for cocktails and  The PWB Band—3 teens who are truly the future of jazz.

Brandi Disterheft Quartet is the feature, starting at 7:30.  Her quartet includes Vincent Herring on saxophone, and I play a 2004 track by him called Hopscotch.  Also part of the quartet is pianist Alex Minasian and drummer Carmen Intorre.

The program ends with three tracks by Brandi Disterheft from he last two albums.  She plays bass on all of them, and sings on two of them.   Lovely voice, fine composer.

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