Episode 28, Classical VS Jazz and Its Cross Pollination

Special guest for this program is Al Baggs, a jazz saxophonist who is equally fascinated by ‘classical’ or what is often termed ‘serious’ music.  With his gems of information and droll British humour, you’ll get an idea of how classical and jazz cross pollinates or fertilizes each other.   Using a number of different musical selections, we illustrate the similarities and differences.

Al, although being mostly a jazz musician, has a real appreciation for ‘classical’ or ‘serious’ music of all kinds—and isn’t convinced that jazz necessarily falls into that category.   Except for jazz drummers—and his comments about them lead me toward an appreciation I never really had before.

I can only air a bit of what was almost two hours of chat…..so if you find it interesting, I can present more on that  topic.   Your comments are always appreciated.


P.S.  I recently (Feb 22/19)did a bit of a re-edit of this episode, correcting an embarrassing pronunciation of the name of the great Montreal drummer, Claude Ranger.

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