Episode 35. Vinyl records, Spring and Summer Finds

I start by featuring Lonnie Johnson—who played the first guitar solo ever on record, in 1927.  And we hear him playing with a Toronto Dixieland band from 1965.   Plus two very early recordings with his guitar.

I also talk about pianist McCoy Tyner, and play three tracks from a double album—–with guests Arthur Blythe, Bobby Hutcherson, and Freddie Hubbard.

I also play more Freddie Hubbard, Phil Woods, Count Basie, and the later vancouver Tenor saxophonist, Fraser McPherson.

And one tune that’s become almost a ‘standard’—called Star Eyes.  It sounds like jazz—especially when you hear Phil Woods play his Charlie Parker inspired rendition.  But it was written for a musical called I Dood It.  And you’ll hear how it used to sound in a version by Helen O’Connell—before it got jazzed up.  Barely recognizable!

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