Episode 26: Jazzies who Play Outside the Genre, Part 3

This week’s podcast starts with a guitarist who played on a couple Monkees hits.  I include a nice ‘smooth jazz’ recording by him.  Also some ‘smooth jazz’ from Chet Baker (followed by his soloing on an Elvis Costello track)  and Steely Dan.

But that’s not all there is.  A recording by Wayne Shorter that received a grammy nomination for best sax solo is also featured, and I don’t think anybody would accuse this as being ‘smooth’.   Another jazz musician who played with Steely Dan is drummer Steve Gadd, and you’ll hear something from a recording from 2015—that also features organist Larry Goldings.

Bruce Cockburn put out a jazz oriented album in 2003, and part of the jazz influence comes thanks to Canadian pianist, Andy Milne.  You’ll hear him do improvisations on a very familiar Bob Marley tune…..and I challenge you to recognize it.

I’d really like to hear from any of you who listen to the program….either through the comments section on Peterborough Independent Podcasters, itunes, or email (larry@windsong.bc.ca).

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