Episode 9, Newer Jazz Albums

There is a great jazz instruction blog and podcast called LearnJazzStandards.com, hosted by a guitarist named Brent Vaarstra.  One of his posts was called “92 Modern Jazz Albums You Need to Listen To”, with ‘modern’ being anything after the year 2000.  I went through the first few, and also found (elsewhere) a couple Canadian jazz albums……and decided to play a track from a few of them.  You’ll hear Anna Maria Jopek & Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Tarek Yamani, Larry Goldings and Peter Bernstein, Paul Novotny and Robi Botos, Poncho Sanchez & Terence Blanchard, Bruce Forman, David Kikoski w. Christian McBride, Bria Skonberg, John Abercrombie, and Eldar Djangirov.  Let me know if any of them ‘stand out’ for you.

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