Episode 68: Victoria Jazz Festival, Part 2

This program starts off with the performer I’m most looking forward to seeing and hearing at this year’s Victoria Jazz festival, March 21-30—Pianist/singer, Patricia Barber.  An interesting rendition of a Beatles tune.

You’ll also hear a couple emerging artists:  child prodigy Joey Alexander, and multi-instrumentalist from Victoria, John Lee.

Festival organizer and founder, Darryl Mar, talks about the history of this festival bringing such emerging artists forward—-well before most people had ever heard of them.

Lots of great local performers are featured at the festival, and Darryl talks with pride about how the city of Victoria has nurtured these great artists.

You’ll also hear The Mark Atkinson Trio, Amina Figarova, the amazing Cuban pianist Pablo Cardenas, Jesse Cook, and Gregory Porter.



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