Episode 63: The Future of Jazz (part 1) w. guitarist Mike Graham

What is the future of jazz?   Will everything change when the Miles Davis generation dies out?  Who will replace them?

In this program, I discuss with Peterborough guitarist, Mike Graham, what jazz might look like in the future—-as well as what it won’t be.  Of course, to predict the future, we need to know the past.  What past areas of jazz will flourish and develop?  What role will modern classical style compositions have?  How about hip-hop and sampling? Bebop?  Swing?

Just as important, who will be listening to jazz?  Will it just be ‘students’?  Or will it be so much ‘fun’ that it’s popularity grows and it’s listening base expands?

You’ll hear quite a variety of music today, some of which you might also hear tomorrow and the next day, and some you might never hear again, as it disappears into the ether.   Some of it, too, is definitely NOT jazz.  But the line between jazz and ‘not-jazz’ is expected to be blurred even more in the future.


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