Episode 61, Clifford Brown and Joy Spring

In a documentary called “Brownie Speaks”, all about trumpeter Clifford Brown, one unidentified jazz personality states “I can’t say that Miles was intimidated by Cliff, but Miles wouldn’t play when Cliff was there”.

Clifford Brown was known for his fat smooth tone and a unique melodic genius with a warm round sound, consistent across the full range of the instrument.  He had the ability to articulate perfectly every note, even at the fastest tempos.

He was clean living—no drugs, alcohol, or even cigarettes.  Unfortunately, he died in a car crash at the age of 25.

Known as ‘Brownie’, he has become a jazz legend, with many thinking the course of jazz history might have been changed had he lived.  Part of his legend is through his many great compositions, the most famous being “Joy Spring”.

In this program I will play a number of different recordings of Joy Spring, as well as two other Clifford Brown tunes.  You’ll also hear a beautiful tune that was written as a tribute to him, a couple other Clifford Brown recordings, and a recording by the trumpeter who most influenced him.

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