Episode 6: Youth Discover Jazz, LMJC Group, Part 1

This episode and the next one are about keeping alive this form of music that we love.  Its about youth.  I interview five of them from a Peterborough group of mostly high school age, asking them what sparked their interest in jazz.  Then I play some of those *sparks* on the program.  The goal is to reverse the downward movement in popularity that jazz has experienced over the years…….so that it once again becomes a young person’s genre…..as well as catering to us older, more experienced listeners.

We’ll hear from each of the members of LMJC (The Luxury Mammals Jazz Collective) and play music by Vince Guaraldi, Steve Holt, Blood Sweat & Tears, Steely Dan, Mark Guiliana, Miles Davis, LMJC live at Hot Belly Mama’s, and one Canadian rock group that inspired the group’s drummer.

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