Episode 56, Cuban Jazz Part 2

Some great Cuban jazz!   And a few interesting tidbits of information.

You’ll hear music by David Amram (with Thad Jones, Pepper Adams, and others), Ray Barretto, Jane Bunnet, Harold Lopez-Nussa, Juan De Marcos and the Afro-Cuban All Stars,Rita Montaner, Ibrahim Ferrer, Interactivo, and Gonzalo Rubulcaba with Ron Carter and Alex Acuna.

As for the ‘tidbits’?  The possible origin of the clave—a pair of hardwood wooden sticks.   Also you’ll hear about the man who was responsible for bringing back those old Buena Vista Social Club musicians—and giving them the opportunity for international stardom.   And the distinction between New York ‘salsa’ and Cuban ‘timba’.  (hint: it’s the difference between a debate and a riot).

I’ll also introduce you to a couple of Lucumi (aka Santaria) Gods.  There is one with an enormous head who has one huge ear that can’t hear anything and a smaller one that can hear a leaf falling from a tree miles away.  And another God who owns all the roads.

If you are interested in hearing more about Cuba—its music, culture, politics, and history–, about 4 years ago I put together a series of 60 half hour podcasts called “Cuba in Motion” for Peach City Radio in Penticton, B.C.   They can be heard through http://www.peachcityradio.org/programs/cubainmotion/



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