Episode 42, Beginning the 2018-2019 season.

Lots of discoveries over the summer.  Some of them records, some cd’s, and a lot of them being music posted by friends and friends of friends.

And one discovery begats another….such as when Peterborough bassist  Craig Paterson posted something by the great singer Cecile McLorin Salvant—-and it led me to discover her pianist and his trio—Aaron Diehl.

Also two versions of Hi Lili Hi-Lo—described as a ‘trite’ song, but performed beautifully by Paul Desmond and also by Bill Evans.  And its actually quite a well written song (though comparatively simple), composed by the same composer as On Green Dolphin Street and Invitation.

Which leads me to play a version of On Green Dolphin Street—-by a bunch of musicians best known as bluegrass players.   But some pretty hot jazz.

Wanting to play something Canadian, I open up a Rob McConnell album (he was quite the valve trombonist) and play his version of Body And Soul.

Then I end up with some Chick Corea and his Return to Forever Band, as you hear Vulcan Worlds.

Broadcast live on Trent Radio in Peterborough, Ontario, 92.7 on your FM dial.




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