Episode 39,Jazz and Politics Part 2

You’ll hear about the struggle of people of colour to be treated equally, as I start with music by Archie Shepp and Charles Mingus.

Then you’ll hear Bessie Smith and the stance of economic independence black women were compelled to assume for their shear survival–even as early as 1923.   And later in the program, Nina Simone turns a song from ThreePenny Opera into a black power anthem.

Then the ‘politics’ of the drum, as Arturo O’Farrill talks about how the drum has been used both as an instrument of oppression and liberation.   Then his Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra performs 11 1/2 minutes of “The Offense of the Drum”.

Speaking of Cuba—some different viewpoints from the Cuban musical community in Toronto, as you’ll hear Maqueque (led by Jane Bunnett) and singer Luis Mario Ochoa.

Last but not least—-The Revolution Will Not be Televised, by Gil Scott-Heron.

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