Episode 16: Making a jazz mix cd

I was asked to make a playlist of jazz songs for a non-jazz event—a ‘cabaret’ put on by Peterborough Podcasters, where podcasters are hilighted and their great work presented.  So the challenge is to both challenge and appease….some familiar tunes, but also interesting enough to command some attention from this intelligent and creative group of people.

So I start out with the best selling jazz record of all time: Take Five with the Dave Brubeck Quartet with Paul Desmond.  Then from jazzes best selling album, Kind Of Blue, I play So What by Miles Davis.  Then some Summertime with Oscar Peterson, an obscure but wonderful Cuban group called Interactivo, then the ‘traditional’ St. Thomas performed by Ron Carter with Peter Bernstein and Larry Coryell.   And in that last number I correct an error I made in a previous program….the NCRA award winning episode.

I finish off with The Juno award winning Allison Au Quartet, then a collaboration of Duke Ellington and Count Basie.

The rest of the 80 minute jazz mix cd?   Maybe I’ll throw some of that in next week’s program.  Or maybe not.

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