Archives: Episode 36, Jazz Singing, With Micah Barnes and Gene McDaniels.

This episode, recorded the Spring of 2018,  features a discussion with Toronto voice coach and singer, Micah Barnes.

Micah was a rock and soul singer who made the transition to jazz, and he talks about the differences.  I ask the question “what makes it jazz” in terms of vocals………..and he does a great job in trying to answer that.    We also play music by some of the singers who most inspired him.

Micah talks about ‘breaking free of the melody’, and that leads nicely to a conversation between jazz singer Gene McDaniels and pianist Tom Snow, where Gene demonstrates the art of singing “inside the changes”.

We also demonstrate why its easier for a country and western singer to learn to sing jazz than it is for a classical singer.

A fascinating program.  One of my favourites, from the archives.



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