Archives: Episode 27, Jazz Musicians Making their Mark Outside of Jazz

One of my favourite series of programs was the four episodes from last year that involved jazz musicians who have played a part in making music that isn’t jazz.  Sometimes they were studio musicians, or put a special ‘flair’ into a pop hit.  a way for jazz musicians to be rock and roll stars. Except their contribution rarely gets mentioned.

This series, Episodes 24-27, aimed to rectify that.

As I settle into my new home in Victoria, posting a few programs from my archives, I thought that one from this series was one deserving of a re-listen.   I chose Part 4, (Episode 27).

You’ll hear Connie Kay and Richard Davis playing, first, some real jazz, followed by their contribution by one of the great classic rock albums of the 1960’s.

Then I play a tenor saxophonist, Curtis Amy, who played on a number of rock and pop hits.

Zoot Sims and Teddy Wilson both played on a single by Phoebe Snow.

Sting used Branford Marsalis and percussionist Manu Katine on Englishman in New York.  And you’ll also hear a solo saxophone rendition of Stardust courtesy of Branford.

And even Miles Davis got into the act!

And one cannot forget the great guitarist, Nels Cline, who became an actual member of Wilco.

Keeping my Peterborough connection, I talk about three of the Peterborough area’s  most spectacular pianists, and play a jazz track by one of them–Steve Holt.  Steve also sent me a recording of a track from a ‘pop’ album he made a few years ago, and he does a very interesting version of Stevie Winwood’s “Can’t Find My Way Home”.

I invite you to listen to this program, and it might motivate you to check out the other programs from this series on “Jazzies’ Playing Outside the Genre”:  Episodes 24, 25, and 26.

If you like them, submit a review on itunes.  It would be much appreciated?





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