The Archives, Episode 28 with Al Baggs

I just wanted to add a comment about one of my older programs, Episode #28, on Classical vs Jazz and its Cross pollination.  I just made a quick edit to the post to correct a pronunciation error on the Montreal drummer, Claude Ranger.

But I noticed that this particular episode, in the past two months, has had a surge of new listeners.  I suspect that its because of the fascinating and very intelligent challenge, given by my guest, Al Baggs, to recognize how much more complex classical or ‘serious’ music is than most jazz——rhythmically, in particular.   The exception being jazz drummers.

Al is so fascinating to listen to.  I’m hoping to have a few more programs that feature some of his insights.

But in the meantime, give another lesson to Episode 28.  Al is also featured in Episode 37, where the main subject is Bach—and his influence on Jazz.

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